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MiHR Hospital Management System

A significant part of the operation of any hospital involves that acquisition, management and timely retrieval of great volumes of information. This information typically involves; patient personal information and medical history, staff information and ward scheduling, staff scheduling and various list of other faculties. All of this information must be managed in an efficient and cost wise fashion so that an institution's resources may be effectively utilized. HMIS will automate the management of the hospital making it more efficient and error free. It aims at standardizing data, consolidating data ensuring data integrity, error free and reducing inconsistencies.


Reception Module

Registration of new patient, manage patient information, quick billing of patients for consultation services.


Pharmacy Module

Billing of Patient’s drugs as prescribed, print prescription, monitor stock levels, mark-up unit cost, track stock movement.


Nurses’ Station

Quick and easily input vital signs of the patient, enter any known problems/allergies plus any other details of the patient.


Radiology Module

Billing of Radiology scans, manage radiology requests, easily fill results, upload scans to the system, generate radiology reports.


Consultations Module

Aided entry of past medical history, physical examination and other clinical notes. Review visits, notes, prescriptions, etc.


Theatre Module

Billing of procedures performed on the patient in theatre, theatre notes, theatre timetable, generate theatre reports.


Laboratory Module

Billing of Lab tests, manage all lab requests, easily fill lab results, automatically generate lab reports, alerts on stock levels.


Payments/Cashier Module

View bills posted from all departments, cash payments are registered in cashier’s ledger, print receipts and invoices.

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